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Medical insurance, also known as health insurance, is coverage that helps you pay the high cost of medical and hospital expenses. 

Depending on the coverage you choose, this insurance will help pay toward or completely cover annual physicals, doctor visits, hospitalization and emergency room visits. Many times you will be offered more than one plan to choose from, so please review the summary of benefits in detail to determine which plan is right for you.

This benefit may also be available to your spouse and dependent children.

Plan Offerings:

  • ActiveCare Primary [1-866-355-5999]
  • ActiveCare HD [1-866-355-5999]
  • ActiveCare Primary+ [1-866-355-5999]
  • ActiveCare 2* [1-866-355-5999]
  • West Texas Blue Essentials HMO** [1-888-378-1633]
  • South Texas Blue Essentials HMO** [1-888-378-1633]
  • Central & North Texas Baylor Scott & White Heath Plan HMO** [1-844-633-5325]
* ActiveCare 2 only offered if currently enrolled
** HMO plan offerings are based on zip code

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